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I doubt the image quality will make much of a difference in "casual" gamers eyes. Remember back in the GF2 days when the origional Radeon looked MUCH better? Did it allow ATI to win that battle, or for that matter even allow them to sell a lot more cards? Most likely not, and I don't think the Det50 drivers quality difference, unless it's VERY severe (as in getting rid of pixel shaders all togeather) will make much of a difference.

But of course, to actually see the IQ difference, they'll have to have also seen a 9x00 card or remember screenshots they saw on the internet. If it's not a big enough difference that at first glance they can see it, then they probably won't even know about it. As long as Nvidia doesn't change something major about the shaders in HL2, such as converting the DX9 water to DX8 water, then I don't think most non-hardcore-videocard people will notice the difference unless they're set up side-by-side.

But yes, Nvidia has the most amazing marketing, PR, and driver team, but the hardware team they used for the FX cards suck. Only as strong as the weakest link? In performence maybe, not in sales or stock.

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