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What you are not seeing in the Still image is that the Entire High Dynamic Range Lighting is MIA on the 5900U.

While that may just look like a little darker image in a still pic it will ahve a HUGE overall effect on ingame play. The exact same will be True for HL2.

The issue is not what one person will chose to like or not like. The Issue Getting the Actual Facts, Performance, IQ Etc.. Truthfully into Peoples hands so they can be free to make their own Decision. Not one Trumped up half Truth Ridden Article and Misleading Benchmark after the next.

In all likelyhood people like you will be totally Happy with what you are seeing with your 5900U... *Until* the Day you get to see the Game (whichever one it is) in Full DX9 HDR Gory.

Thats when the Rubber will really meet the Road.
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