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Default Re: Re: I found some interesting info about Aquamark3

Originally posted by Sazar
that information was posted in b3d.. and I posted it in another thread

however... I don't know if you read the follow up statement saying that even TR : AOD uses close to 14 ps 2.0 shaders in its benchmark... a far larger number than AM3...

I thought that was an interesting point though I cannot independently corroborate this

have to go by the word of the lads @ b3d...

mike has verified the number of dx9 shaders in AM3... and it does appear to be more dx8 than dx9 by all means which goes a long way to explaining why the performance delta between the r3xx and nv3x cards is not so big...
Dispite only having a few DX 9 shaders, if they are used more often than PS 1.x shaders, then it would still be a valid test of DX 9 performance. (I think).

The key thing is what the PS 2 shaders are doing.
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