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Default Re: Test Drive Unlimited

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
What's everyones opinion about Hardcore mode in this game?

I think its fantastic and has a very decent sim feel to it. It's not 100% proper like say LFS or GTR but it's darn good compared to most racers.

I just wanna know who's the idiot that decided that no SP races are to be avail when using Hardcore mode?!!!

I do usually still play mostly in Normal mode due to the fact that I use a gamepad and H mode becomes rather taxing of my attention and abilities in longer rides. Not to mention at speed, H mode is crazy touchy and hard.
I like hardcore mode too but the fact that you can't do challenges in hardcore mode really kills it. You have to keep switching between modes.

The cars don't feel heavy. I'm not sure why. The FFB prevents hardcore mode from feeling more realistic. And the lack of any damage also hurts but lots of driving games have that problem.
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