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Default Re: Tom Clancy's HAWX

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Tried the 360 demo today. I have to say it looks pretty good overall. Scenery is very detailed but the area is not that big and you're not allowed to leave the combat zone.
Clouds are ok but not really high res. Wave animation is MIA, not impressive at all.

Combat is what I've expected, arcade crap . Stall recovery is done in 1sec lol
That special combat camera with flight assistance simply sucks, it's not helping at all

I just hope the PC version with all that nice peripheral support will provide at least a bit more depth to the gameplay. Otherwise it's pretty flat even though there's a lot going on.
The game supports TrackIR, amBX, triplehead monitor setups, some sort of moving piloting chair thingie, and has Directx10 support for the PC, with volumetric clouds, god rays and all that jazz.

So yeah, the gadgets support is pretty cool

And what's wrong with an arcade game ? It's never been marketed as a simulator so I honestly don't get what the problem is. What's next, bashing Serious Sam for not having a character advancement system ?
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