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Default Re: How I went from a 360, to a GT 9800, to a GTX a GTX 295...Long read..

Originally Posted by offishall View Post
Well I added the bigger heatsink and fan tonight, but I cant get a stable over clock out of my system, I may be doing it wrong. Is there a overclock for dumb asses out there anywhere? I have to change DRAM and CPU and good lord

Looking good, loving the look of the memory all sat there

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
If you really want to improve your mouse skills, go pick up Unreal Tournament (1999 or 2004) or Quake III Arena. They're ancient but they will really make you improve your aiming and reaction time.

The good part is that they both have great bots so you can train and work your way up from the easiest to the strongest enemies without having to worry about insanely good players (or cheaters) jumping into your game and stopping you from even playing.

+1 Unreal GOTY is still one of the best out there. So much damn fun.

I wonder if we could scrape together enough interest for a match. I've been playing since release but never online

P.s Can I link to a copy? Is it legal to download now or still illegal?
If you attack a prostitute, is it rape or merely shoplifting?
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