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Default Noctua NH-U12P installation...

WEll, I've got an i7 920 on an X58 EXTREME board ocerclocked to 3.8GHz. On Idle i get 38C CPU and every core about 52C. Of course, on idle the thing raises up to 72C CPU and the cores up to almost 90C or so. I have set the pull/push fans, but the thing thast worries me is that i have installes the heatsink 90 rotated. if the mobo is this:

I----------- I

I have the heatsink oriented like this so that every arrow is a fans direction:

I --------> -heat->
I -----------------I
I -----------ram -I

So i've read some manulas and the installation manual says it has to be vertical not horitzontal like mines. If I change it will i notice some temperature improvments?
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