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Originally posted by maxpower
Did you uninstall the 45.23 driver, shutdown, power back on, and then install the 45.33 driver? You probably did but it's worth mentioning just in case you did not. If you did follow this procedure, did you notice that your card was running much hotter? That could be a factor and the 45.33 has been known to increase temps by around 10 degrees or so. That isn't enough extra heat to really matter but I wouldn't rule it out. Maybe try running with a room fan blowing into your case...just to find out if heat may be the problem or not. Also, if you had been overclocking your card I'd suggest going back to default clocks and re-incrementing from there to determine stability with the new drivers. Good luck!
This is a test of faith I tell You. Yes, i have installed the new driver (45.33) by the 'book'. Surely my card a bit hotter as the core temp raised from 40 celsius to about 50. People say it's not much and I'am also confident it cannot be the problem. About the ventillation in my case: I have a Chieftec Dragon Series: DA-01W full tower with fans installed in every possible spots, round cables and huge empty places. I also have a 550W Enermax PSU (actually I bought it because the flickering problem ). As for the overclocking, I never rised my 5900's core or memory frequency by a single MHz. All I did was a huge underclock to get rid of the flickering. Interestingly it was gone when i underclocked my card to 100-150MHz.

I think NVIDIA shoould start an open source project and make their driver codes available for the public. We shall launch a petition. It can't harm anyone.
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