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Default 96.43.10 Beta

I have the GeForce4 MX 4000 running dual head video. Worked OK with 96.43.07 on Fedora 8 up to end-of-life. Did the upgrade to Fedora 10. Running kernel Loaded 96.43.10 Beta and built kernel driver. That worked and it installed. Running KDE4.0. VBIOS version Two problems:
1. A bit hard to get the graphical log-in screen on primary monitor, second comes up, have to ctrl-alt-backspace once or twice then I can log in. Won't shut down right either.

2. If you ctrl-alt-number key to a text console, the cursor is stuck one spot on the screen and the screen will not scroll up as text goes off the bottom. You have to switch to a different console and back to see what scrolled off the screen.

Other than the above, once you get running, it seems to work fine in the GUI.

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