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Default Re: Tom Clancy's HAWX

Originally Posted by Padibuz View Post
The game supports TrackIR, amBX, triplehead monitor setups, some sort of moving piloting chair thingie, and has Directx10 support for the PC, with volumetric clouds, god rays and all that jazz.

So yeah, the gadgets support is pretty cool

And what's wrong with an arcade game ? It's never been marketed as a simulator so I honestly don't get what the problem is. What's next, bashing Serious Sam for not having a character advancement system ?

There is nothing wrong with an Arcade game. It's a common reaction to folks that play more hardcore flight sims to look at a game like HAWKs and not appreciate it for what it is.

The fact that is supports a TIR is a great move on their part. I've been using a TIR for years now and it's absolutely made simming a whole new experience. It might just open people up to what is already out there.

Honestly I would like HAWKs to be successful because more guys will be introduced to my favorite genre. Right now the ranks are fairly thin because there aren't a lot of good sims to look forward too in the future. Too many Arcade, RTS, and Shooters to keep everyone distracted. Simulations by nature are played for years not a few months and then a new product comes out and you start playing that. Also most sims have a pretty good learning curve and it takes time to get good. HAWKs I'm sure has some elements of this built in but it will be more on an arcade level. That's why you get the attitude towards an arcade flight game.
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