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Default Re: Tom Clancy's HAWX

Originally Posted by Sabadin View Post
My biggest complaint is that this game has been getting so much attention and praise simply because of the Clancy brand. I've played the 360 demo, and I've had more fun with the AC series and the old Jane's Combat series by EA. Even though it's arcadey, the physics in it are just plain broken. Why does a jet moving at 3000+mph feel slower than most other sims at 500mph? Hell, a harrier stalling at 300 mph made me laugh.

Most people probably wouldn't have given this thing a second glance if it was by any other publisher.

Janes Combat Series are considered to be medium hardcore. You're probable right that people are interested because of the Brand but also it looks good too. The sense of speed is a seperate issue and given it's an arcade game it gets a pass.

This thread is interesting to read because it does a great job of giving us hardcore guys a different perspective.

I will be pulling down the demo for my PS3 come the 26th. I will be open mided even though I know I'm a snob when it comes to flight sims...

Just seeing the Top Gun "hit the brakes and he'll fly right by" routine says it all.....
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