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Default Re: Tom Clancy's HAWX

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
There's nothing wrong with an arcade game. In some aspects I like it because it makes combat much easier. But when you start bending physics, that's when I get a little concerned. I liked the old novalogic flight sims. They weren't too complicated but not too arcadey either.
"Combat much easier" says quite a bit.... If you knew how it was really done it's not that much harder you just have to understand some concepts. Weapons deployment isn't all that difficult. Once you get the concepts down your enjoyment factor for getting a kill will go through the roof.

The concepts can be taught in about 15 minutes for BVR fighting.... The concepts of BFM and ACM are much more complex and would take a while.

Getting into a knife fight in a phone booth is one of the best parts of combat flight sim. Being able to use some real world tatics against a human brings it to a whole new level. That is something the arcade jockeys will never get to experience.
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