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Default Re: How I went from a 360, to a GT 9800, to a GTX a GTX 295...Long read..

Originally Posted by offishall View Post
Hey thanks for asking man. My lil fella has come a long way, I could do a write up longer than above. All told he had 13 surgeries, his last being open heart, but he is well on his way to being a healthy 5 year old. He even has his own computer and browses all the kids sites

I recommend for any parents out there a web tool called RocketKid, works awesome. blocks access to anything and everyhing but kids stuff.

Anyway, way off topic.
Glad to hear everythings work out fine and man if it was me i would have a heart attack myself I belive!

Great seems the little fella will be a Pc gamer to

Good luck to you and you family and as said earlier take a lookey at the Merc keyboard, it rocks
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