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Originally posted by StealthHawk
I am not being sarcastic in the above in any way. I am being dead serious. I would not worry about my investment if I had money in NVDA.
Seriously, if I had NVDA I would be very very scared, not because of the everday Joe's opinions but big players on the market. The really big players who have the most shares are usually very well aware of the technical situation too, because they have people hired to find out how the things really are.

If an important market analyst one day would decide that nVidia hardware is and will be utter crap, the market would be flooded by nVidia stock the very same day. And because Microsoft and Nintendo both selected ATi to design their next gen chips, there has been a dark cloud of stock market threat hovering over nVidia HQ.

P.S. this is assuming the downward spiral stops and NV40 is clean.
Yes, that is true. Maybe the big players already know the NV40 will be an instant hit when it comes, and that's why the scenario I described hasn't already happened.
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