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Default Re: Test Drive Unlimited

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
Define 'many'. I usually have 1 or 2 max guys in rural areas. In high traffic areas 5 can quickly pop up on the radar. Also obviously depends on time of day you play.

Last night I was doing some racing laps out in the suburbs on my own made up 1 mile street circuit. It's a cool course with tons of blind sharp turns, steep hills, etc.

10 min later I've got 4 other guys following me in their supercars fishtailing and over shooting trying to keep up with my sweet handling Jaguar XKR Stage 0. Noobs thinking HP power is always better.
interesting. the reason i asked was that when i had it installed a few months ago it was rare to see anyone. i like the game. i just wish more people played it like when it first came out ...
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