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Cheating is for losers!!!
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Originally posted by Nutty
Sorry Hellbinder, but you're wrong. Graphics have nothing to do with gameplay.

WHAT???? You can't be serious!!!!! Graphics have everything to do with gameplay. That's like saying that visual effects have nothing to do with a movie. Or sound has nothing to do with music.

Originally posted by Nutty
Alot of good Quake3 players, turn graphics down to minimum for far faster frame-rates, and get much more enjoyment out of it.
Imagine their enjoyment if THEY DIDN"T HAVE TO TURN THE GRAPHICS DOWN! That's the whole point of getting a better graphics card. So you can keep the framerate without having to sacrifice anything else.

Originally posted by Nutty
Seriously, if you step back from inspecting every pixel of those comparison shots, the difference is pretty negligable unless you're comparing two identical frames together like that, which 99% of nvidia card owners simply wont be doing!!
We wouldn't have to do this if Nvidia would stop cheating all the time and just display the images correctly. This is a BENCHMARK. You are not supposed to cheat. The whole point of a benchmark is to compare things on an equal footing and see which is better. Apparently Nvidia doesn't like to lose because everytime ATI's product scores better in a benchmark rendering the same quality, they just lower the quality until they win again and hope that no one notices.

Guess what???? We notice. Big time!!!

At least those of us not wearing blinders.

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