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i dont need perfect graphincs, thats true, but if i pay 500$ for my card i bloody well expect to see perfection......
So do I, I never said I approve of it.

WHAT???? You can't be serious!!!!! Graphics have everything to do with gameplay. That's like saying that visual effects have nothing to do with a movie. Or sound has nothing to do with music.
Not really, game is playable, interactive etc.. movies are not.

Any by the same logic, everyone who doesn't own a state of the art TV, or top of the range THX certified sound-system is being cheated, because they're not hearing what they should be hearing?

Imagine their enjoyment if THEY DIDN"T HAVE TO TURN THE GRAPHICS DOWN! That's the whole point of getting a better graphics card. So you can keep the framerate without having to sacrifice anything else.
You will _always_ get better performance turning the graphics down.

We wouldn't have to do this if Nvidia would stop cheating all the time and just display the images correctly. This is a BENCHMARK. You are not supposed to cheat. The whole point of a benchmark is to compare things on an equal footing and see which is better. Apparently Nvidia doesn't like to lose because everytime ATI's product scores better in a benchmark rendering the same quality, they just lower the quality until they win again and hope that no one notices.
Who said they have to create pixel perfect images all the time? Seriously, who said that?

If consumers are happy to pay for the IQ level offered by nvidia, whats the problem. This is how it works in all other forms of entertainment. If you're happy with Philips TV picture quality buy philips, others say its crap, you want Sony etc.. same thing.

The very nature of a benchmark is fundamentally flawed. How many IHV's are prepared to just accept that they're slower than the competition? Not many. Hence quak3, optimizations in 3dmark03 on ATI's side. Yeah they say they've removed them, but theres still loads of others in there.. ATI are lucky their PS2.0 performance is good enuff, they dont have to resort to any drastic measures. If it wasn't I'm sure the tables would be turned.

This whole situation is just an unfortunate snowballing effect of poor PS2.0 performing silicon. Nothing more.

Guess what???? We notice. Big time!!!

At least those of us not wearing blinders.
Which would be what, 0.1% of the game playing public?
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