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Default Re: Need some Assistance with my firewall

To SSH do this:

If your in configure terminal mode show the running config as they might already have ssh setup for a certain address.

I would say that you will need to change that ip for each time it comes up in your config, as everything is going to be manual. The easiest way is to copy/paste the running config into notepad, change them, then copy paste it back. Just make sure you do a "copy run start" or "write mem" to save the changes. (Not sure if both work on that model or not)

The two obvious things that will need to be changed are:

ip address outside

route outside

It will probably list a 2nd entry if you copy paste, so you will probably need to do a "no ip address outside 255.255.X.X"

Not really sure what all of the other entries would be unless it's port forwarding for devices. Do a bunch of lines look like this?

access-list 102 permit icmp host host timestamp-reply

Other than that it should work, but it isn't always that simple when it comes to Cisco equipment. I only have a little experience with their stuff, so there might be a few other things that I don't know about you would have to do.
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