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Default need urgent help with gtx 260

hey guys just got the gtx 260 and i have a strange problem with the card

now it played all the games well for 2 days and all of a sudden it has started giving me freezing up of the game when iam playing

now my normal temp are like 59-62 C even more on idle when the fan is 40% but it when i turn it to 100% then the temp goes down to 50 on idle or mayb btw 52-55

now the freeze up come or sometimes the graphics go like stuck like all colours just go splat on the screen and when i tested the crysis warhead the game got stuck so i just tried to minimise it and it did then all of a sudden the sceen became of a starnge colour and the res also turned very low

now i dont know wat is the problem coz i have have no ideas about the technicalities

PC Specs: Core2Quad Q6600 2.4 Ghz ,Asus P5N - e Sli ,Sparkle GTX 260 216 cores,250 x1 and 160 x 1 HDD(internal),22" Lcd Screen,Cooler Master 600W,1 gb x 2 kingston Ddr2 667 mhz Ram my res is 1680x1050

any1 can tell me why my gpu is acting like this

wether coz of my psu? or mayb coz of the gpu not being good i mean shld i get a gpu replacement?

plz help me coz iam in bad situation

thnxs for any help
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