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Default Re: need urgent help with gtx 260

here is the pic of HW monitor

now i run nba 2k9 for like 5 minutes on demo mode ( whr u dnt play a game and automatically the game starts in the demo mode) now the game ran fine for like 5 min or less than like 10 min and then the screen colours went reddish or something and the commentary got stuck to whr it was

i think it is happening in every game so cld it be my psu or gpu coz i think its gpu coz for 2 days the system ran great without any problems and now this thing happens

also when i start the computer and whr thr is a start of the P5N e sli mobo pic sometimes there are certain lines which are white and the lines just go random on it also it continues to go till windows loading and then when on desktop sometimes the computer freezes or sometimes it runs

any help plz?

drivers are wat came with the card but i tried to download some drivers off nvidia site and used them and the screen started but the colours were not correct so went into the safe mode and uninstalled them then reinstalled the drivers again from cd which came with the card
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