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Default Re: Need some Assistance with my firewall

Originally Posted by zoomy942 View Post
so this copy to notepad thing...

how does that work? i can copy and paste everything over and then change it and apply it?
Yes. If you type "show run" it will give you a big ol output of every setting that is configured on the device. Just copy all of that text into notepad. Then you can make the changes there making it much easier to work with the device. Then just copy and paste the document back onto the pix and it will apply all of the changes. (When your in configure terminal mode it will take each line as a separate command) One note is that if it's a long config you might need to break it up into a couple of pieces as the device can only buffer so much information. The nice thing about doing it this way is that you can save your notepad document for future reference. If someone accidentally breaks the device just copy/paste the backup config to it. Make sure you backup the running config before you make changes as well, just in case you screw something up.
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