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Default Re: need urgent help with gtx 260

Originally Posted by MaxFX View Post
Strange problem and I had a similiar, have you get the Memory enough voltage and the MCH aka Northbridge.

On my P-45 DS3R i went nuts when I get it, nothing was stable and when I tried with just one mem stick, 2 GB it would work but as soon as I added the other 2GB stick it wouldent even boot sometimes and it hang upon say unrar or start a game. Then I found out that you must give the Northbrige more voltage then Bios default and voila, problem solved. And all this problem was without even overclock the Q6600!
but dude if that was the problem how can the system work flawless for 2 days and then all of a sudden this?

i think its card but if u think its a northbridge thing ill talk with my retailer

any more advice on this northbrigde issue?
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