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Default Re: DVI to HDMI problem on EVGA 9500GT

Originally Posted by RolandH View Post
Can someone who is experiencing the problem, share with us the make and model of display/TV that shows this problem? Thanks.
With my old 6200TC card, no issues.

With the current ASUS EN8400GS-512MB adapter, the card (firmware?) seems to think my Viewsonic N3752W 37" LCD TV has a "dual link" connection. And as a result, colours have a definite magenta tint (only half the colour info gets transmitted over the actual *single-link* DVI-D to HDMI connection).

Bug. The open-source "nv" driver works fine in this regard, but not the closed-source Nvidia driver.

Fortunately, a custom EDID, minus the extension block stuff, tricks everything into working properly again.

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