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When i first got my 8k7a+, Athlon 1.4Ghz setup going with a Dragon Orb 3 i tried some overclocking. Ended up killing the Ram trying to post at 170Mhz FSB hehe.... But i didn't know it at the time. When i tried to boot i kept getting a Bios Rom Error and thought since my other machine had the same MB i would swap Bios Chips, well i didn't have the right tool and after trying with tweezers for 20min i gave up and tried booting the system again, this time all i got was the fans.

So i took the whole thing apart and gave all the peices to back to the reseller i got them from for testing. He called me back the next day saying BOTH sticks of Memory are dead, the MB is dead and the CPU core is cracked. Im pretty sure he is the one who cracked the core by just resting the Dragon Orb on the CPU while testing but we'll never know, maybe it happen when i took it apart after killing it....

Anway im happy with OC'ing the Vid card and sometimes running a 140Mhz FSB. Learnt my lesson the hard way.
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