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Default Re: need urgent help with gtx 260

Originally Posted by paras View Post
but dude if that was the problem how can the system work flawless for 2 days and then all of a sudden this?

i think its card but if u think its a northbridge thing ill talk with my retailer

any more advice on this northbrigde issue?

Bro, its your PSU. I tried to warn you of this and I told you that no one else would even have a clue because most people dont understand that a Dual Rail PSU is the worst choice of PSU's for a system with high power draw.

What you are describing is an overloading on that second 12v Rail because there are not enough amps to suffice. One of your 12v Rails ends up being entirely wasted on the CPU alone leaving you with a meager 18amps for your Video card and whatever else is drawing power from the same rail.

Your simply cutting it to close and the PSU is breaking down on you slowly but surely just as I said it would.

A nice high powered single 12v rail PSU is the best choice because all of your components draw amps from the same rail and nothing is wasted.
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