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but will wait till I see the specs of the XT and if they are improved over the pro, well then I'll wait for the XT to arrive.
"ATIís new graphics monster will utilize a new type of VPU cooler, a more efficient one to cool down the powerful 0.15 micron R360 VPU running at astonishing 450MHz.. Other features of ATI graphics cards will remain untouched: the product will come equipped with D-Sub, DVI-I and TV-Out connectors.

Both versions of the R360 with either 128 or 256MB of DDR SDRAM memory will be clocked similarly and will score 6750 Ė 7000+ marks in the 3DMark03 benchmark, suggesting that R360 is something more than an overclocked R350 and we should expect architectural improvements as well.

It's supposed to be out next month in the US.
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