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Default Re: Tom Clancy's HAWX

Yeah part of that stems from the fact they semi automated some of the radar controls and they didn't explain why things happen. Also their Semi Active and Active Radar guided stuff was fairly full proof. It's really difficult to spoof or drag out/pump some of those missiles.

So I agree it was kinda clunky... The stuff in the SU27s where pretty spot on and using the IRST and such worked great.

Part off the clunkyness is they didn't make it a study sim. Meaning 6 different planes to choose from they didn't detail anyone of them out for the most part. The A10 was well done since they are simple planes to begin with. The F-15 was pretty lacking.

The Flaming Cliffs addon is where things got really interesting with the SU25. They did a great job.

Again I hope HAWX opens up a new crowd to the genre. It looks like it has the potential.
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