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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
Well just re-installed, took around 1 hour to download & install the updates lol BUT wow the game is 10x better than release, the game has been re-optimized well, runs smoother(im actually playing with higher gfx settings than i was before and its still smooth, looks great) .... the characters classes have been balanced alot more, the XP PvP leveling has been implemented properly & alot of the bugs/quest bugs have gone, theres new areas added, more items ... im well impressed, if you look around the net about how this game is NOW you will see very good reviews, i must say im well impressed & im again hooked lol, thought i would start fresh, started a new character on the Fury PvP server(kind of a personal re-launch lol).

Anybody who liked this game before but got stick of all the buggs, unbalanced classes, choppiness, lack of items and so on i urge you to give it a re-try, the game is a blast NOW, if Funcom had waited that extra few months to get the game as it in now at re-launch i guarantee the game wouldent have had that drop of players, people are slowly comming back though and those that hated it before love it now!
Are the items still completely useless?
The stats on all the items at launch were mind blowingly sucky.
Had a lvl 80 HoX before I quit.
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