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this won't hurt a bit
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Default Re: GTX 285 with 2Gb of memory

Originally Posted by Tho Jo Smale View Post

Doesn't really make the time you need 2gb framebuffer.......the next gen will be upon us.

I'd like to see some benchies vs. a 1gb card. Especially since the 4870 512mb outperforms the 4870 1gb in a few select situations....

2gb would be nice for SSAA....that's about the only thing I can think of to do with this beast.
Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
It looks like it will cool the graphics card unlike the stock coolers nvidia use.

crysis need more ram with AA involved GTA4 needs more ram, Fallout 3 with texture mods needs ALOT more ram, alot of recently released games need more ram at high resolutions with AA
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