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Default What is your play style in Crysis

NB** I know that there is a Crysis sub forum but i wanted more eyes to view this thread rather that it fade into oblivion like most crysis related infomation. Mods, if you feel you have to move it to the correct section then no hard feelings**

Anyway, back to the business at hand.

Simple question, what is your play style in Crysis and/or Crysis Warhead. If you can pick a character that sums up your play style, what would it be.

For me, i see my style more as Predator in that i watch from afar and analyse the best play method then using the cloak function i like to stalk the KPA and pick them off one by one using single shot mode (putting the fear of god in them in the process......i love their frighten Koren screams) while herding the remainder into a nice circle until there are none left.

What is yours. Come and have a go if you think you iz 'ard enuff

To add, i forgot how much fun Crysis is and i am going throught it again. I have already completed it via Delta mode a while back and to be honest if you are about to play the game for the first time then i really recommend delta mode if you want a more strategic element to your shooting rather than running and gunning. There are so many ways and style to complete an objective in this game.
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