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Well after reading SnakeEyes post i decided to loose my Audigy for a Hecurles sound card since i also use a Via Chipset. Im looking forward to see if there is any sort of speed increase.

That sucks Spectral, the same thought goes through my head everytime i boot up and watch the Raid Controller find my Array, One day i know its going to say "Error Broken Strip". I guess unless you make crazy backups the slight speed increase doesn't justify the risk of Raid-0, Raid-5 on the other hand would be wild execpt you need at least 4 disks and a very expensive controller before you see any speed increase. I havent yet decided if im going to use RAID on my next system. I guess i'll be looking for Benchmarks at the time.

And last but not least, i havent touched a Via Update since moving to WinXP and i never will. The last time i tried the 4in1's on a friends 8kha+ everytime he booted his windows would say it was not shut down properly and do a disk check, not to mention his all around system performance was worse.
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