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Default Re: What is your play style in Crysis

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
What are examples of a good, recent FPS to you?
sadly most recent fps's are copy paste of each others gameplay and its been a big drought for good games, but these games have gameplay mechanics that push the industry

L4D versus mode rules, best coop ever
tf2 lvl of coop is good, but still the game is too much like counter strike
stalker (to bad cs was nearly identical to SOC) was great in alot of ways one of the first good RPG/fps/open word games
fallout 3 open world is the new 3d

game play matters more to me than graphics, crysis is a point click shoot copy paste with a gimmicky suit layer added on, IMO it gets way to much credit as a good game just cause it looks good. Btw I just installed crysis and with my rig 295gtx 4g ram and 3.44 Q6600 its NOT playable on max settings
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