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Angry Re: Should there be an option to disable Powermizer?

Originally Posted by mfb View Post
I'm also really annoyed by this bug. I've bought an NVIDIA system especially because the NVIDIA-support of Linux is so well known and now I'm really disappointed. My 9600M GT will only switch between powerlevels 0 and 1, it will never go to 3D clocks. If I try to run anything that demands a bit of the graphics card I'm screwed because I'm stuck with those 2D+ clocks.

How hard can it be to fix this NVIDIA? It must be some kind of an error in the detection of the best powerlevel. If it's to hard to fix just give us an option to force it to a specific powerlevel so that we can at least use that till a proper fix is available.
I have done exactly the same thing : just changed my laptop and bought one with an NVIDIA card on purpose as I thought it would be more linux compatible. The result is that I have a brand new system with a video card that is running at frequencies I haven't seen for years !!!
This is really disgraceful! I would expect this behaviour from a very small company, not from one of Nvidia's dimension.
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