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Default Opera and loggin on

Edit - Having one of those days. I think now I am actually logging in with Opera, but its just not showing that I'm logged on at the main page. Dunno why, but it basically appears to be working.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong - assuming it's me?

Am I supposed to be able to log into this site using Opera (9.62)?

I can log in OK when using IE, but on Opera I keep looping around through the page that says something like "thank you for loggin in" and "click here if your browser is not re-directed" but then just returned back to the previous page not marked as logged on. It just seems to cycle around. I've set the browser to accept cookies and even tried masking as IE or FF - neither help. All things like JS and Java are ticked.

Any ideas, should Opera work with this site?

Good site by the way, quite a lot of helpful stuff to be found.

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