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Default Re: Tom Clancy's HAWX

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I wouldn't get my hopes up. Hawx is clearly aimed at the arcade and console market. I don't think it can motivate gamers to look into sims. It's so dumbed down it can't provide any hints on what combat sims could look like Getting a console gamer interested in sims takes more than Hawx. Hawx is there to start a new franchise to compete against Ace Combat and similar titles.
You would be correct sir... I downloaded the demo for the PS3 a few days ago and Played around with it. From a pure simming perspective it has nothing to do with being a sim. It's an arcade game end of story and with that said I doubt anyone would make the jump to a real sim.

It's a nice looking game but I think Black Shark Gives it a run for it's money in many respects.
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