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Default Linux newb needs help installing nvidia drivers.

Hey there all, so I finally decided to give Linux a try, so my first problem is how to install the Nvidia linux driver? I downloaded the latest IA32 driver from Nvidia's homepage, and in the command terminal i started up the file by typing "sh". So the installer started doing something, but then I got the following error message: "ERROR: nvidia-installer must be run as root". Since i am so new at linux could someone help me out? Also I dont know if this is a related issue, but I cant create a directory in my usr/local directory, which is where mozilla wanted to install itself, but kept telling me it couldnt create the directory either.

I am running redhat linux 9.0
Thanks in advance for any help

Edit: OK so i managed to to figure out how to log in as a root user. Now the Nvidia installer tells me I need to exit X-windows. So right now im trying to edit /etc/inittab so I can change id:5:initdefault: to id:3:initdefault:, but the inittab is read-only so it won't let me makes changes!!!! Any help is extremely appreciated.

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