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Default Re: Should there be an option to disable Powermizer?

Originally Posted by kantlivelong View Post

54 votes and not one dev has responded yet.. Obviously nvidia is ignoring the issue...

Apparently VDPAU is more important then running the proper clock speed..
I have a theory on this, and the other problems with the recent state of nvidia drivers.

It sounds to me as if the small (maybe 5 people?) nvidia linux development team have been told from on high that they want to be able to advertise linux cards as having full video acceleration on linux.

They have probably been given some sort of time limit on this, or if not, told to focus all their efforts on VDPAU and probably opengl 3.0. Any time the nvidia devs spend fixing other bugs is time not spent on getting VDPAU and opengl 3.0 implemented properly. They would then be forced to explain to their superiors why the requested features are not implemented yet.

Don't blame the dev's they're just doing what they're paid to do.

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