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Default multi display problem with new 295

ive just took out a 4870x2 and dropped in my new 295 but cannot get any additional displays to work or even be recognized. i have two dell 22" monitors, the first one shows up fine. i have reinstalled drivers, cleared out registry entries, hooked it up before and after boot up. the display is greyed out under properties but when you extend the desktop to it the primary flashes but then nothing changes and the secondary never comes on. i have tried various other monitors to no avail. also, and the 4870 didnt have this prob, i cannot use this computer with a kvm switch until the computer is in windows. if i boot up with it (the cards primary monitor port) hooked up to the kvm switch it shows the windows flash screen but then goes black. i have to remote in to do a reboot. the computer is obviously finishing booting and loggin in since i can remote in. but if i use an external monitor to get into windows then unhook the monitor and rehook up the kvm switch im good to go until the next reboot. any clues to either of these issues?
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