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Default Re: Is racism and hatred tolerated at nVnews?

A... joke?

Oh, well then everything is acceptable and a cry baby I am certainly, my apologies for requiring some maturity. Alright hmmmm, hey, Americans, how does it feel to ruin the world economy? And how does it feel to invade a country that never did anything to you directly and despite sucking up all their oil, haven't had enough of your own reserves?

*wink wink*

Don't take that too seriously, they're running jokes all day long over here as well. Yup, what is grand about liberty of expression is that we can also do humor, and that everything is acceptable when it's "just humor", after all humor isn't based on anything, it's just things we make up and take out of our rear end for no apparent reasons.

Well I am enlightened now, I will sleep less stupid tonight.
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