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Default Re: Post pics of your home theater audio setups!

This is the receiver I have powering my dual 15" subs...

This is one of the boxes housing a 15" sub. I have two of these (identical), each with a 15" sub (identical)

My front left and right towers

My temporary center speaker...

And my left and right rear speakers

And this is the "main" receiver powering the 5 speakers I just showed above

I plan to replace the "main" receiver with this Pioneer receiver, and my "secondary" receiver with this AudioSource stereo amp. Right now, my speakers are all grossly under powered. The JVC receiver I have is newer than the RCA, yet it won't go nearly as loud. So I have it powering the subs (stereo), and the RCA- since it handles high volumes best, powers everything else. Still, my speakers can handle being pushed harder- 20 watts a channel doesn't add much- but it'll be a decent enough jump. For the subs, though, right now their only getting a peak of 100 watts a channel... that AudioSource amp will up it to 150 peak, which will be *perfect* for them.

Hoping to purchase the new amp and receiver within a few months... a lot depends on how smooth my move to the new area is.
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