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Default Re: multi display problem with new 295

Originally Posted by jcrox View Post
Do Nvidia drivers have support for multiple monitors in SLI mode now?
How many monitors are supported when running in SLI mode?
With GeForce R180 drivers, SLI supports a maximum of two monitors with both monitors connected to the same GPU within your SLI group. For instance, if you have a 3-way SLI configuration, you can connect two monitors to one of the GPUs and leave SLI enabled. You can enable more monitors by using a third GPU that is NVIDIA PhysX capable (GeForce 8 series and higher with at least 256MB of memory) and is a different GPU than your SLI GPUs. For example, a configuration with two GeForce GTX 280s in SLI and a single GeForce 8800 GT is capable of supporting six monitors.
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