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Default Re: Cryostasis Full Version Thread

Originally Posted by MaxFX View Post
Okey nice to hear but it better should with your rig


I was just wondering when will some ***** about that and mate I know it's a Pc Only Game hehe.
I just said " Console" as then ppl knows what in talking about, simple as that or maybe it's time to get a 16.9 monitor!

But the FOV dont seem zoomed in from what I have seen but I guess it cant be that as no one said it about the game right ?
I think it's actually a smaller percentage of people who like the wider FOV than people think. The ones you see complaining about FOV on the Internet are the loud ones, but for every one of those there are 10 people playing saying nothing.

I played Bioshock on day one and loved it, was completely in love, and didn't know there was an "FOV problem" until the next day when I went on a forum.
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