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Default Re: Feature Request: KMS support

I actually looked into this a little bit, and it looks like "KMS" is one of those things like AIGLX where we already have what the acronym stands for and what people really want is something else. Here, what people seem to be asking for are two things:
  1. An fbdev driver.
  2. A seamless transition from the fbdev console to X.
Step 2 would be implemented entirely within our driver and shouldn't be too much trouble, at least for modern GPUs. Step 1 requires some more research and we're investigating whether it's possible and worth it. Other things people have been talking about, such as a graphical kernel crash dump, will require some more work and I've been discussing it with some of the X folks to make sure it can work reliably.

@perfectska04, I'm not sure who told you that KMS will improve boot times. I wouldn't expect boot times to change at all, except for them possibly slowing down a bit due to the extra workload induced by Plymouth.
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