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Default Re: Necrovision Full Version Thread

Necrovision ist ONE of the 1% of the games which_

- perfect control and FPS feeling
- superb mouse movement control
- absolutely not consolized
- absolutely for PC ONLY (like they said in the interviews and taked the risk to make less money and to be just on the PC)

- Painkiller Main Menu Style (makes you think of playin painkiller again

-but its soo hard this game on normal, maybe easy is ok
- from INTERVIEWS_ this game is inspired from Quake 1 and Wolfenstein and they say that they think that this kinds of games have extreme potential but are practically non existend because many big developers dont want to take risk and want to make it available for a broader audience then just like this game here. more for the HARDCORE FPS FANS!
- ULTRA NICE graphics
- Tons of Options in Video Settings..control motion blur and everything
- You can do sooo much in this game..endless possibilities
- Much better then painkiller...much more you can do
- if you think that you can do something try it and it will work
- Big Love to tons of small ideas/details makes this game cool

well but i must play more then only the first 2 levels to know more...

but im sure its much better then Cryostasis
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