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Default Re: Feature Request: KMS support

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
It'll make the transition smoother, sure, and that's clearly why people want it.

This is an implementation detail that's specific to DRI/GEM and has nothing to do with the NVIDIA driver.
Indeed. But you have to admit, given any OS, theres a Right way, and a Wrong way to do things.

And on OUR OS, hardware access does NOT belong in userspace. Period. Userspace apps like the X server should NOT run as root. period.

What people actually want is for the graphics card to work as advertised with their OS. Which means performance, little or no bugs, and things like sleep and hibernate must work all the time.

Smooth transitioning and graphical OOPS reporting are gravy, but very very very nice gravy, and its something people are going to not only want, but expect. And given the amount of time its taken nvidia to support XRandR 1.2 (1.3 is out now, did you know? 3 years is a long time to waffle on an important feature).

While I'm very glad nvidia is picking up speed on driver releases, historically nvidia has shown that its not very interested in supporting linux very well. Glaring bugs stick around for months or years, important features lay unimplemented for far longer. And even with the new found support, all that seems to being worked on is GL3 and VDPAU. Bugs and desktop enhancement features seem to lag behind for ages.

I've been very disappointed with my 8800. And unless something changes, I probably can't be convinced to buy another nvidia graphics card. I Just don't think nvidia appreciates the business.
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