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Default Hmm...

Where has andy macham been? Last seen 1 month ago .. why are the linux drivers falling so behind the windows det's?

And here is something I notice that is completely off topic. Why is it that microsoft isnt using the directx 9 intructions in there compiled that the nvidia implimented in there FX series? Why is it that ATI sucks at OpenGL compared to directx games? Why is it that idsoftware and nvidia are really good with opengl and both support linux more. And why is it that hl2 benches didnt use the latest det's? I think someone is using very bad practice.. MS.. valve and ATI.. as id and nvidia just do there thing. On top of that the 3 suck at coding.. ms valve and ati IMO. Just a some stuff I was thinking about. I would like some feedback.
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