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Default Re: Dawn of War people live under a rock???

Originally Posted by v3rninater View Post
Thule is nice but you know what's nicer then thule? 3 Thaddeus assault marines with terminator armor and the hammer/shield combo. Holy CRAP they do melee dmg like no other!! And they warp right to the mobs too so it's pretty nice dps actually, better then some stupid guns that could miss the target. I even have Thule with a blue machine gun that gives him like 1200 ranged dmg and still Thadd out-dps's him by a long shot.

I'd dare say thadd is the best overall dps in the game with this loadout.
I'll have to get Thad upto Terminator Level then and try him out.

I put the Term Armour on my Commander. He looked so badarse, but it sucks you can't equip all the goodies unless you are in power armour.
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