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Default Re: Will everyone PLEASE stop trashing the Nvidia Linux devs?

I don't care how optimized the drivers are if they don't work. A year ago I bought a high-end laptop with an Nvidia laptop workstation card (quadro NVS 140m). At work, I have a 2-year old system with a POS intel integrated graphics chip, a less powerful CPU, and the same amount of RAM. The intel system absolutely trashes the nvidia one, hands down. There is no comparison regarding the performance. The intel one absolutely flies, the Nvidia one just barely chugs along. Even the three-year-old even lower-perofrmance intel rig at the desk next to mine with a much less powerful CPU and half the RAM beats my Nvidia system hand-down. This is with otherwise identical Linux installations, same distribution, same version, same architecture, same configuration.

First it was Nvidia's terrible KDE 4 support, and just when they fix that powermizer breaks and prevents me from getting even a tiny fraction of my card's real power. I haven't had a single day yet where the card has actually had decent performance, and I have owned the thing for over a year now. It doesn't matter how great their optimizations are if the card simply doesn't work. I paid a lot of money for my card, and I have absolutely no way to change it without buying an entirely new laptop, I think I have a right to be upset at such terrible performance. I don't care whether it is open-source or not, I just want to be able to make use of the capabilities I paid good money for.
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