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Default Re: Will everyone PLEASE stop trashing the Nvidia Linux devs?

Originally Posted by devsk View Post
The thing is that we end up comparing linux driver with the windows driver. Do I ever see graphics corruption on windows: NO.
IMO if you don't see issues with the Windows driver you have not looked well enough. E.g. AFAICT almost all Direct3D 1 games are broken, since for some reason both ATI and NVidia botched their implementation of the function that clears the Z-Buffer. Just using the equivalent Direct3D 7 function fixes it, see e.g. here:
I could complain and make jokes how NVidia can't fix such a simple thing, too (and yes, I am really sure that at least a work-around would be simple) - I just don't because I could fix it my way myself and I know that there are always too many issues to have time to fix them all.
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