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Default Re: Will everyone PLEASE stop trashing the Nvidia Linux devs?

Originally Posted by g.krist View Post
Why should I stop complaining? I bought Nvidia hardware I expect decent drivers, this fiasco with 180.35 was never happened on Windows!
Not true. Thats all there is to that.

I have been building and using computers since the early 80's and have seen my fair share of bad drivers in that time for all platforms.

That said, I think it is one thing to show up and report a problem and another completely to show up and act like little school kids who don't get their way.

I think nobody does it better then Nvidia when it comes to drivers, and I know they do not have as many developers working on Linux drivers as they do for other operating systems.

They do a fine job and I for one expect that occasionally there will be bumps in the road, when that happens I simply revert to the last driver that worked best for me.

I am sure they have work to do and don't sit here pouring over every little whiney post that is made, they know there are problems and they certainly can't fix them if they sit here at the forum 24 hours a day.

The 180.35 driver didn't work out well for me, no big deal I reverted to 180.29 until a better one comes along.

Grow up people, contribute useful information, or simply report your problem. The bashing whining and crying don't do much for anyone and certainly won't do anything resolve problems, all it does is make people look childish.
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